Our kennel was established as AVAX in 1985.
Unfortunately, by reason of re-registration kennels in Czechoslovakia to the world-wide register (FCI), we lost our name as well as many another breeders and since year 2000 our litters have been born with `surname` AVAX HOF.

We breeded our first litter in 1989.Founders of our breeding were top-quality bitches which came from kennel `z GENTU` belonged to Mr.Vladimír Palša from Košice, that time one of the most successful breeders in Czechoslovakia. His vision about the German shepherd`s future became also ours, he was both our role model and teacher and that is why we give him our thanks, memories and appreciation.

Since that time a lot of successful as well as less known progenies have been born but still everyone has a name and a place in our hearts and memories.

German shepherds are very important for us.They have taken part in nearly whole our life.Their breeding has become a component of ourselves.We give them a lot of our time, power and dreams every single day.

Although we can not `say goodbye` to many dogs from our breeding (litters), we are not able to house, train, show and take care of such a large number of these dogs. That is why some of them live with our friends - co-owners and also AVAX HOF team members.

Our oldest and also unexpendable collaborators as well as good friends for a long time are Mr.Emil Mann with his wife Jana and daughters Petra and Jitka. We have been cooperating in breeding with Mann`s family nearly since our kennel was established. For that long time they have been our support not only in breeding, but also in a personal life for many times.We are grateful them for doing that. Today`s face of `AVAX` kennel is also their merit.

  • 26 x Club´s Winner of different classes at Sieger shows in several countries
  • 9x ZB: V-A in countries: Slovakia, Czech Republik, Poland, Hyngary, Japan

  • BSHZ 2001 Germany - ESKO Avax Hof, JKLR ZB:SG 29
  • SHZ 2000 Japan - QUESTION avax, GHKLR ZB:V-A 1 Japan-Sieger
  • SHZ 1999 Japan - QUESTION avax, GHKLR ZB:V-A 1 Japan-Sieger
  • SHZ 1999 Japan - ZAFIR avax, JKLR ZB: SG-1 Sieger 12-18 males
  • SHZ 1998 Japan - QUESTION avax, JKLR ZB:SG-1 Sieger 12-18 males
  • SHZ 1998 Austria - QUESTION avax, ZB:VV-1 Winner Puppy Class
  • SHZ 1997 Hungary - NATHALIE avax, GHKLH ZB:V-A 1 Siegerin
  • BSHZ 1996 Germany - KORADO avax, GHKLR ZB:V-65 working males
  • 17 x Winner of Class at OG and LG shows in Germany,
    8x ZB: V-1. in working classes