Actual beginning of ISCWT breeding in the Czech are years 1992-93, when the two individual from two top german kennels were imported to us. They had been kennels „Wheaten vom Wolfshorst“ (Mrs. V. Suhr) and „Wheaten Volunteer‘s“ (Mrs. Ch. Thornberger). Some one of parents or grandparents these imports carrying name of the constituent german kennel - „Wheaten Rebel‘s“ - Mrs. M. Möller-Sieber. The unforgettable multiple World Winners - Newkilber The Quiet Man and Newkilber Camelot - were in her ownership. They are in our pedigree also.
The first puppies in years 1995-96 are born from czech kennels „Rubikon“, Wheaten Darling“ and „Lalibela“. These three litters constitute the czech breeding of irish soft coated wheaten terriers.

Detailed informations of czech kennels, breeding dogs and registered litters you can view on Mrs.Pavlína Bradáè´s site kennel Wanton Buddy´s.