The land of origin this ancient breed is Ireland. The wheaten marking terriers with soft hair are affected here and was take painted by the masters also two hundred years back. They are very old form, closely associated with glen of Imaal terrier, Kerry blue terrier and with Irish terrier. With the precision we can be said, that all terrier breeds, which stem from Ireland, are having common origin. As the individual type are ISCWT ancestry changing evidently in south and southwest Ireland farms, where were always used by small farmers to kill vermin or help with the work about the farm. They were used for a long time in the difficult job of hunting badgers and otters.

The purposeful breeding in Ireland started as late as thirtieth years of last century. A unselfish enthusiasts like had been Robert J. Bourke, dr. Gerard Pierce and now already almost storied breeder, Mrs.Maureen Holmes, set "Wheatens" on the exhibition ring. It became in year 1937 at Dublin exhibition. On that year this breed has been officially enregistered.

Many champions came from the Kennel "Holmenocks", they had based the ISCWT breed in many countries, some of them we can find in our pedigree.