Those who care about this breed know, that exist two types side by side. Irish type, whether is exactly described in standard of origin country, and type called anglo-american, whether is divergent from official standard. The hair of adult dogs must have all typical standard attributes, other than wheaten pigmentation ( dark mask, barb ) is not acceptable. In ireland kennels has arrived such incorrect puppies from time to time, but they were outsorted from breeding.

And just the same puppies had based the breeding in England and after in America.

Correct irish hair right, incorrect feathering left.

anglo-american type irish type

This problems with two types are explicated on site
Mrs. Louise Borst-Borreman.
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Compilation of Mrs. Maureen Holmes Speech for the World Congress of Kennel Clubs,Dublin, Ireland 1994

During of last ten years the ancestral irish type almost lost and there is little.